“We hired JHS Services/The Pool Chemist to build our 20 by 40 in-ground vinyl liner pool and consider ourselves lucky that we did.

There was only one location that suited us to build the pool which proved to be sandy soils with moving water. Lucky for us Tom Hidaka with his incredible engineering mind and 35 years experience putting in pools in “impossible” places was aboard.

The process involved somehow building the deep end walls with masonry block, running pumps and crew placing gravel quickly as the blocks went up staying ahead of the water flow and stopping it as it went up.

The best part of all of this is that with Tom’s sure hand and head at the helm, this process that could easily have broken the bank was done so skillfully and efficiently that I knew I was getting a bargain.

The pool concept that was offered for my property looks very good, like a high end black plaster gunite pool. The liner is a dark granite color that looks like plaster with no fake vinyl print tile. I have a bluestone overhanging coping with a bull nose and steps that run the length of the shallow end with a widened first step for a sun bench.”

Russell Kelly
Smith Lane
Accord, NY 12404

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