Choose safety and winter pool covers you can count on

You'll only find the very best products available at The Pool Chemist. Choose a pool cover for your needs, including:

  • Retard algae growth so you can open your pool clean
  • Gain the piece of mind knowing that children and animals will not be trapped in your pool over the winter
  • Look out your window and see an attractive cover stretched over your pool. Not the eyesore of an abysmal algae and debris swamp
  • No pumping and cleaning off winter covers, no more having to bring water levels up from your well or truck delivery when you open in the Spring
  • No more handling and replacing expensive water tubes

You'll love that your pool cover is an investment you can rely on when you buy from us due to its full warranty. Invest in a quality retractable pool cover instead.

Make things a bit easier every time you plan to open your pool with a retractable pool cover. You'll find these offer numerous benefits:

  • Easy to use with a motorized opening and closing solution
  • Add a protective barrier to keep your family safe
  • Get added insulation that helps to reduce energy loss
  • Benefit from 100% equal distribution of solar energy
  • Retain as much as 70% of your heating overnight
When buying pool covers in the Hudson Valley, trust The Pool Chemist to help you to make the right buying decision